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Water Saving Tips Around The Home

These 5 tips can get you on your way to reducing your water usage by around 20 litres a day – helping the environment and saving you almost £25 a year.

  1. Toilet cisterns over 25 years old can use up to 9 litres of water in a single  flush. A water saving Hippo can reduce this by a third.
  2.  Use a waste bin to dispose of cotton wool and tissues instead of flushing them down the toilet.
  3. Half-load programmes on dishwashers and washing machines use more than half the water and energy of a full load. So wait until the machines are full before switching them on.
  4. A five minute shower uses around a third less water than a bath. Please be aware though that a power shower can use more water than a bath in less than five minutes. Try turning off the shower while you soap up and monitor how long you spend in the shower, using a shower timer.
  5. A tip for summer. Keep a bottle or jug of water in the fridge instead of running taps until the water runs cold.

More Water & Money Saving Tips

Here are more ideas to save water, adapted courtesy of BBC NewsOnline, Thames Water’s Waterwise campaign and The Environment Agency
A dripping tap could waste as much as 90 litres of water a week.

Brushing your teeth with the tap running wastes almost 9 litres of water a minute. Turn the tap off while you're brushing. Or better still, rinse out from a beaker instead.
Cool water kept in the fridge means you won't have to run the tap for ages to get a cold drink.
Don't use your washing machine until you've got a full load. The average wash needs about 95 litres of water. A full load uses less water than 2 half loads.
Every time you boil an egg save the cooled water for your houseplants. They'll benefit from the nutrients released from the shell. If you run out of plants, why not tip the water into a water butt.

Fit a Hippo water-saving device in your cistern and save up to three litres a flush.
Installing a water meter can save water and money by monitoring how much you use.
Just taking a five minute shower every day, instead of a bath, will use a third less water, saving up to 400 litres of water a week.
Kettles should be filled with enough water for your needs but not to the brim. This will reduce your fuel bills too.

A water butt will help you to collect rain water for use on the garden. And you can add to it (if we're suffering a hosepipe ban or you're really keen) by emptying the bath water using a collapsible bucket.
Sprinklers can be wasteful. It doesn't take long for a sprinkler to soak your lawn thoroughly. A sprinkler can use as much water in an hour as a family of four will use in a day.

Water your garden at the coolest part of the day to reduce evaporation.You could use a  Hozelock Water Timer..
Tap inserts can reduce tap water use without affecting flow by as much as 70%.
Use the dirty water when cleaning a fish tank on your houseplants. It's rich in nitrogen and phosphorus, which provides an excellent fertiliser.
Very water efficient washing machines are now manufactured - machines with 'A' ratings are the most economical. You'll find that they save on energy too.

Wash your car using a Hand Pump Pressure Washer – it uses less water than a hosepipe and helps remove stubborn dirt.
See for some of the excellent products mentioned above to save water, and money.

Buy a low-flow shower head, which can limit the water flow to as little as eight litres a minute (Cost is around £15). Please note – Low Flow Shower Heads are not suitable for electric showers or low-pressure gravity shower systems. Please see Power Showers & Low Flow Shower Heads.

Purchase an aerated shower head. This will add air pressure to the water flow. Again, aerated shower heads are not suitable for certain types of electric or low-pressure gravity shower systems.

Have a cooler shower. This could also help you to avoid temporary varicose veins.

Install a water meter, which is estimated to result in an average cut water usage of 10-15%


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