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Bathroom Ceiling & Wall Panels – Enhance Your Bathroom

Bathroom Ceiling & Wall Panels – Enhance Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are now a fashion statement in many peoples’ homes. Being able to have a easily fitted, stylish, hygiene and durable bathroom is very important to most people .Bathroom wall panels are fast becoming a favoured alternative to bathroom tiles.

With their wide choice of colours and easy assembly, bathroom wall panelling is easy to fit and easy to clean. Bathroom wall panel assembly needs only a few tools to complete the task.

Bathroom Ceiling & Wall Panels – Attractive Features:

  • Bathroom panels are easy to apply – they click together like tongue and groove.
  • Bathroom panels are resistant to heat and are waterproof, so no mildew or mould to contend with.
  • Bathroom wall panels require no maintenance, they are easy to keep clean, as long as the right solvent free, non abrasive products are used.
  • The bathroom wall panels will keep their appearance over time, in the difficult bathroom environment.
  • Bathroom wall panels will improve insulation, they are heat resistant and will also reduce condensation.
  • Bathroom wall panels can also be used for ceilings and bath panels, to create a co-ordinated look.
  • The choice of attractive bathroom panel colours is impressive and the overall appearance of wall and ceiling panels will be an asset to your bathroom.

Bathroom Ceiling & Wall Panels – Enhance Your BathroomBathroom Wall Panels – Create a Relaxing Bathroom Ambience

Bathrooms are making a transition from purely functional places, with designs now making them a place to relax in .The combination of a practical bathroom as well as a comfortable and relaxing one can be achieved with bathroom panels. The choice of high standard, quality workmanship is reflected in the materials used in bathroom wall panelling.

Bathroom Wall Panels – Easier For Bathroom Maintenance Work

The other important factor to take in consideration is the time the bathroom wall panels take to put in place. They are much simpler than conventional bathroom tiles, which require skill to apply correctly. Also, when doing maintenance jobs in the bathroom, it is far easier to remove a panel than tiles, and they are also simpler to put back into place. Ceiling and wall panels will contribute to a hygienic, waterproof, easily cleaned bathroom, making the investment in panels money well spent.

Bathroom Wall & Ceiling Panels – Attractive, Affordable Bathrooms

Creating the right atmosphere in the bathroom for all the family is now possible.
Given the busy pace of our every day lifestyle, the bathroom can be a sanctuary for us to unwind and relax from the stresses of the day. The ambience of the bathroom is very important and its creation is helped by the selection of bathroom wall panels. Their cool, crisp, durable appearance represents a creative change from standard bathroom wall tiles. The price of bathroom wall panels, when compared to the cost of fitted tiles makes wall panels an even more attractive option.

Images courtesy of Mermaid Panels Ltd.



Wall, Ceiling & Bath Panels. Heat Resistant, Waterproof & Maintenance Free. Bathroom Wall & Ceiling Panels Improve Insulation & Reduce Bathroom Condensation

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