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Shower Pumps

There is a wide variety of shower pumps available to meet the specific needs of your shower design, set within the context of the plumbing layout and water heating system in your home.

Single Impellor Shower Pumps
These are used for a single water supply.

Twin Impellor Shower Pumps
These shower pumps are used to pump two water supplies

Positive Head Shower Pumps
For use where the shower head is below the height of the water tank

Negative Head Shower Pumps
These shower pumps are used where the shower head is above the height of the water tank.

Standard or heavy Duty Shower Pumps
Standard use shower pumps with pressure up to 1.9 Bar are intended for use with a single mixer shower. Heavy duty shower pumps have above 2.0 Bar pressure and are used on tower showers or multiple mixer showers.

Pump Selection Considerations
When installing booster pumps for shower, bathroom or whole house heating, it is important that the correct pump is selected for the application. There are several aspects that need consideration, including:-

  • On which floors are the hot water cylinder and the coldwater storage tank sited.
  • Does the cold water tank sit directly above the hot water cylinder.
  • How is the hot water cylinder temperature controlled
  • Is the water heated by gas, oil, electric, combi boiler, solid fuel or other.
  • Is the pump for the shower, bathroom or the whole property.
  • What type of shower head and shower valves are used.

It is always recommended that a qualified tradesman is used to specify and install the shower pump for use in your home.

Shower Types –Electric, Gravity Fed & Power Showers

Electric Showers
An electric shower is fed with cold water from the mains or cold water tank (CWT) and heated instantaneously as the water flows into the shower. These are usually relatively low flow systems, supplying up to 8 litres per minute according to the power rating. The simple shower handset is likely to have a very fine shower pattern to cope with the low flow rate and higher pressure.

Gravity Fed Showers
A gravity fed shower is fed with hot and cold water from water tanks. The shower water temperature can be thermostatically or manually controlled. Water flow rates are usually 5 to 9 litres per minute. The flow rate from a gravity fed shower will be influenced by the type of shower valve, the shower handset and the static shower head used in the shower design.

Pumped Shower or Power Shower Systems
Pumped showers or power showers may have the shower pump sited within the show enclosure. Alternatively, the pump may need to be located away from the shower.
With remote pump location, the shower pump can be larger, to give a more powerful shower and flow rates of up to 25 litres per minute. These power shower pumps facilitate the use of multi functional shower handsets.

Electric, Gravity Fed & Power Showers. Shower Pumps for Negative & Positive Head

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