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  Power Showers & Low Flow Shower Heads

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Power Showers & Low Flow Shower Heads

Taking a shower rather than a bath is a great idea for saving energy and water.  Regarding shower purchases, there seems to be a growing trend towards purchase of power showers. However, power showers do not suit everyone, the blast can be uncomfortable and power showers can in fact be quite water wasteful.
Changing to a low-flow shower head could reduce your water and energy consumption and improve your shower enjoyment.

Water Saving - Replace Power Showers With A Low Flow Shower Head

Replacing a power shower with a low-flow shower could save around 35 litres of water every time you shower. If you take a shower daily, this could accumulate to a saving of around 12,000 litres a year. You will also reduce your carbon footprint by reducing carbon generation and cut £20 off your hot water bill.

Unless you already have a problem with low water pressure, the switch to a low flow shower head should not make any difference to your shower enjoyment.
We must raise one note of caution however, regarding the use of low flow shower heads. Using low-flow shower heads with electric showers can be dangerous because they can overheat the water. Seek advice before opting to install a low flow shower head.

Jet-Stream Showerheads – Alternative To Low Flow Shower Heads

With the Jet-Stream, an automatic water flow and pressure control valve feeds constant high pressure water volume at 1.5-gpm (+/- 5%) from 15-psi to 120-psi.

Aerated Water Delivery From The Showerhead

Water and air are mixed in a chamber creating turbulence. During showering high force water bubbles explode on the body with high velocity giving a very pleasing massage effect during showering.

The "Jet-Stream" showerhead is made to be self-cleaning. There is no mineral accumulation and it will not corrode from calcium or lime deposits, like other showerheads. Other shower heads often require cleaning or replacement as often as every six months depending upon the effect of calcium, lime and other mineral deposits in local water supply.

Jet-Stream Showerheads Anti Scald Feature

The product is guaranteed for 20 years, product service period often exceeds 30 years. "Jet-Stream" showerheads also have a scald prevention device which pushes the swivel shower head away from the body at 45°.   
This showerhead is claimed to provide 40% to 70% more water savings compared to low-flow shower heads.
See for more details.

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Low Flow Showerheads and Jet-Flow Shower Heads for Water Saving Showers. Cut Water & Energy Bills. Alternative To Power Showers. Aerated Water & Anti Scald Shower Features.

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