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Bathroom Flooding – Home Emergency Cover Recommended

In addition to checking that you’re covered against flooding and what conditions apply, you should also look for home emergency cover which is usually offered as an add-on to a home insurance policy. Usually this provides a 24hr helpline ensuring you receive a speedy call-out from a suitable tradesman should a household emergency occur.  

How to make an insurance claim for bathroom flooding

Should you need to make a claim for bathroom flooding, inform your home insurance provider as soon as possible – if you have home emergency cover then use the helpline to secure an immediate call-out.

Your home insurance provider will usually ask you to fill out a claims form which will involve specifying the damage in each room, the cause of the problem and so on. As such, it helps to keep your policy up to date, to hang on to receipts and to take pictures of any damaged items. Don’t carry out any repairs without the insurer’s approval as it may wish to send out a loss adjustor first to assess the claim.

Steps to avoid bathroom flooding

Home insurance can certainly provide welcome peace of mind but it can’t make up for the hassle and upheaval a bathroom flood can cause – which is why you should take all the steps you can to avoid a flood in the first place. Here are some tips:

Ask a friend – If you’re planning to be away from home for a lengthy period ask someone you trust to check the property regularly so any issues can be dealt with quickly.

Be prepared for the worst – Know exactly where to find a stopcock in case a pipe leaks.

Get problems fixed – A simple dripping tap may not seem like a big issue but it could be indicative of something more serious. So deal with any small problems quickly and efficiently.

Insulate pipes and your water tank – Often burst pipes are caused by freezing so insulating pipes, particularly around the corners and elbows of the pipe-work, can help avoid these problems. Insulate your water tank too and this could have the added advantage of reducing your utility bills.




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