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  Aerated Shower Heads

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Aerated Shower Heads

We all now know that you can save energy, money and reduce C02 emissions by taking a shower instead of a bath. However, you can increase the effect of this by changing the shower head to a Low Flow shower head.
There are two types of low flow shower heads. Non-aerating low flow shower heads restrict the water flow and squeeze it through very small holes. The result is a quite strong massaging water spray. The alternative – Aerating shower heads, introduce oxygen into the water. The oxygen creating a softer, bubbly, shower.

There are several flow-reducing shower heads available. Bricor’s B100MAX aerated shower head was used by soldiers in Iraq. They were served only by a portable water system with very low water pressure and this shower head gave a much better shower, whilst economising on precious water supplies.
Evolve offer their Roadrunner non-aerated shower head. This shower head has a feature which stops the flow of water when a specified temperature is reached. This avoids wasting water and energy if you get distracted while waiting for the shower to warm up.

Ecocamel Aerated Showerhead

The ecocamel  aerated shower gives big money savings for a small financial outlay and enables you to save on water consumption and C02 emissions. The manufacturers say that this low cost high technology shower head can pay for itself in just 8 weeks. As well as the water and energy saving benefits, the ecocamel handset gives an excellent showering experience.

Aerated Shower Head – Tested by Liverpool John Moores University

Independent tests carried out by Liverpool John Moore University proved the excellent performance of the ecocamel aerated shower handset. At normal mains pressure in the home it provided a flow rate of under 6 litres a minute and still gave a superb shower experience.  Professor Brian Hooper, one of the UK’s leading water experts commented ‘The ecocamel felt just like a power shower because it gives excellent  pressure’

Aerated Showerhead Uses 70% Less Water

LJMU proved that the ecocamel aerated handset uses up to 70 percent less water than conventional showerheads. So each time you take a shower you don’t simply save money but you also lower your carbon footprint.

Low Technology Shower Head – Easy To Install

This UK designed, low tech showerhead fits all standard shower hoses. You don’t need a specialist to install it. You simply unscrew your old handset and screw on the ecocamel – it’s that easy!
The ecocamel is suitable for all homes and for all types of water pressure. The ecocamel eco shower has been given approval by the UK’s leading authority on water efficiency Waterwise UK .

‘ This is one of the best performing low flow shower heads I have tried. It has very little noise, it is well designed, it delivers a good flow and an even spray pattern, it is excellent value. All of my family tried it and liked it.’
Jacob Tompkins, Director, Waterwise
Features & Benefits of the ecocamel handset:

  • Saves Energy by Using Up to 60 % Less Hot Water
  • Eliminates clogging & scaling – contains removable face plate
  • Contains quick drain feature – anti-legionella effect
  • Easy to fit – no plumbing required- fits standard UK shower hose
  • Sleek chrome design with unique spray effect
  • Saves a family of four over 43,000 litres of water yearly
  • Saves up to £ 250 off cost of gas and water bills

Buy a low-flow shower head, which can limit the water flow to as little as eight litres a minute (Cost is around £15). Please note – Low Flow Shower Heads are not suitable for electric showers or low-pressure gravity shower systems. Please see Power Showers & Low Flow Shower Heads.

Purchase an aerated shower head. This will add air pressure to the water flow. Again, aerated shower heads are not suitable for certain types of electric or low-pressure gravity shower systems.

Have a cooler shower. This could also help you to avoid temporary varicose veins.

Install a water meter, which is estimated to result in an average cut water usage of 10-15%

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