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For Disability Showers >>>> Read More

For Disability Bathrooms >>>> Read More

Disability Bathrooms

How They Help

Showering and bathing should be comfortable for everyone, regardless of physical difficulties. Nor should taking a bath or shower be awkward or unsafe. Bathroom Studio Online can help to ensure your bathroom is equipped for those with disabilities as well. There are ways in which you can make your disabled bathroom safe, easy and perfect to clean and relax in.
'Walk-In' disability bathroom features are important in make life easier, rather than having to climb into your washing facility, which poses a risk of slipping or falling, with a possible danger of harm. These bathroom safety features have also proven useful for everyone, from children to adults, to the able bodied, but specifically are useful to those who have a disability.

Walk In Showers

One answer to disabled bathing difficulties is to have a walk-in shower. They are usually easy and quick to fit, with no need for re-tiling. They have easy open doors, some of which slide, and other open like smaller versions of regular doors. Either way, they lack the fuss and dangers of stepping or climbing. The shower itself can be adjustable, and changed from one height to another in one easy, sliding motion, helping your walk in shower be ideal for everyone.

Disabled Shower Seats

Depending on which walk-in shower you choose, some can be fitted with a fold up seat, fitted on the wall of your disabled shower. This seat is super safe, specifically if you are concerned about the wet floor or have some trouble standing. So, with these types of showers you can walk in, sit down, stand up. The choice is yours! Allow Bathroom Studio Online to help you enjoy your wash time, it doesn't have to be hard and it doesn't have to be a chore.

Walk In Baths

Walk in baths come in all sorts of styles and washing combinations. It is possible to fit a full size bath which you can walk into easily. They have a little section of the side of the tub which opens out to provide a good sized gap where you can just step into your bath. Some come with fitted showers which can be bent or manipulated into a size and shape which suits you. These types of bathtub offer plenty of choice, if you want to stand up and refresh in the shower, or lie down and enjoy a full soak.

Cube Shaped Disability Baths

There are even walk-in baths available which fit where no regular bath could. Smaller but taller, these are like walk-in cube-shaped baths, the inside of which is shaped into a seat. These have everything a regular bathtub has to offer – in some cases more – but all in one, cosy enclosure. This allows you to sit down, turn on the tap and the bathtub will do the rest. Most disability bathroom facilities will have no unsightly mechanisms but will have thermostatically controlled taps, a wide range of colours and low level entry, making your bathing experience safe and secure, with no worries.

Disability Bathrooms Walk In Baths Disabled Showers & Shower Seats. Thermostatically Controlled Disability Taps.

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