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Disability Showers

Disability Shower Options

There is a selection of shower options to choose from for disabled showering. These include wet rooms, level access shower cubicles or traditional shower cubicles with built in seating. Your mobility, budget and available space in which to locate the disabled shower will affect your choice. People with restricted mobility may select a shower tray with a small step over, or a walk in shower or shower bath. Wet rooms and level access showers are designed for wheelchair users.

Level Access Showers

Level access disability showers have a low entrance threshold to enable the user to be pushed into the shower in a shower chair. Most disability showers have a seat and grab rails to facilitate disabled use. Given the low threshold of the shower tray, it is normal to have a screen around the shower with a sealed door to prevent the surrounding floor getting excessively wet. Doors are available in full or half height with a shower curtain. Selecting a half height doors enables a carer to help user when showering.

Some disabled showers have pumps in the drainage system to assist water outflow and avoid the possibility of the shower tray over flowing. The water needs to drain away at least as fast as it is introduced by the shower head. For this reason, care should be taken with power showers.

Disability showers are available in a wide range of designs and shapes to allow them to be fitted in the most convenient space in the house. Many disabled people have no use for a bath and so have a disabled shower fitted in the bath space.

Wet Rooms

A wet room is a fully waterproofed room incorporating a graduated drainage system. A wet room enables showering without the normal access difficulties and is an ideal choice for many wheelchair users. As with level access showers, a wet room will usually have non slip flooring, shower curtains and seating.

Disability Showers, Level Access Disability Showers, Walk In Showers & Shower Baths

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