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  Motorised Pump Action
  Benefits of Whirlpools
  Modern Whirlpools

Whirlpool Tubs - Vigorous, Concentrated Deep Tissue Massage

A whirlpool tub is sometimes known as a Jacuzzi and uses a pump action to project a water and air mix which can be directed and customised in several ways. Either a gentle massaging motion or high pressure invigorating deep muscle therapy can be attained in the sanctuary of your own home with these state of the art innovations. Whirlpool bathtubs are usually produced from fibreglass and acrylic or sometimes cast iron and can be designed in various sizes to accommodate one or even two people. They are also available in standard, corner unit or many other styles depending on your preference or size and shape of bathroom.

Motorised Pump Action

The unique action of the water jets is controlled by a motor which dictates the speed at which the water is released and can produce a targeted massaging effect to sooth and relax. The amount of water force is dictated by the design of the jet, the pump horsepower and the volume of air mixed with the water. The number and location of jets are normally standard although some models of whirlpool tub accept extra jets. It is usually possible with a multi speed motor to customise the angle of the jets and volume of water expelled for an individually concentrated massage.

It is advisable to check on the placement of the water jets before purchasing as some manufacturers may put an emphasis on a specific part of the body like back, hips, legs or feet. Aquastream offer a personalised bespoke design service allowing you to choose your ideal whirlpool bath. Some Whirlpool baths enable you to replace a jet plug with a hand held extension in order to direct the force of water where you desire. The power of the water is extremely strong, making it inadvisable to let the hand held extension rise above the water level.

Benefits of Whirlpools

The circulation of bubbling flowing water has a direct stimulating effect on the skin and muscles creating a wonderfully comfortable sensation believed to relieve the symptoms of ailments from arthritis to migraine. Back pain of varying degrees is a common complaint, with the cause being difficult to diagnose and treat, making sufferers destined to a life if constant painkillers. Many whirlpools are developed and designed to ease pain and stiffness using strategically placed jets focused on the back and spinal column. They have been used by physiotherapists for many years for the rehabilitation of injuries and sprains.

Whirlpools not only look amazing, transforming your bathroom and giving it a real wow factor but will cradle your body, pamper you with a dreamy hydro massage and carry you off to another plane.

Just a short dip in the morning can invigorate you for the day or in the evening to prepare you for a relaxed nights sleep. Models like the Oregon two person corner tub are also lots of fun.

Modern Whirlpools

Modern whirlpools come with an amazing array of optional extras such as heaters, contoured armrests and backrest and safety features. Also popular are sound systems, DVD players, vanity mirrors, hand-held showers, removable trims, LED lights and floating remote controls. There are many choices of brassware available which will co ordinate beautifully with a new whirlpool.

Whirlpool Bathtubs Jacuzzi Motorised Pump Action, Water Jets Hydro Massage. Fibre Glass Acrylic or Cast Iron, Deep Muscle Therapy Whirlpool Tubs. Arthritis & Migraine Physiotherapists Rehabilitation of Pain Stiffness Injuries & Sprains. Optional Extras Heaters, Safety Features, Sound Systems, Vanity Mirrors & Brassware.


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