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  Water Conservation - Universal Tap Aerator Pack

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Water Conservation - Universal Tap Aerator Pack

Fitting an aerator to a bathroom or kitchen tap can help you save money and conserve precious water resources. A big practical problem regarding tap aerators is that taps have a huge range of diffuser casings and threads, making it difficult to design an aerator to fit all taps. The Challis universal fit aerator takes a very positive approach to tap aeration for water conservation. The universal aerator retains the existing diffuser casing. Instead the full flow internals are replaced with the Challis universal water saving aerator. This transforms the tap’s diffuser casing into a water saving tap aerator. This modified aerator can then be refitted into the tap to generate significant water conservation, money and energy savings.

Saving / Conserving Water, Improving Water Supply Performance

Converted taps produce a champagne flow effect without troublesome splash back in the basin. This tap aerator devise also increases wetting ability and performance. The water saving tap aerators are standards compliant and are designed to be easily fitted to most modern taps with minimum disruption to the water supply.

Challis water conserving taps can have variable water flow rates to suit specific customer requirements. For maximum water conservation Challis recommend that their Total Building Control system is implemented.

Total Building Control – Water Saving & Supply Optimisation

Total Building Control, TBC. is an innovative approach to water saving and control developed by Challis Water Controls. The prime principal behind TBC is the balancing of water supplies, water flows and pressures within a building’s water system.

Many buildings have numerous water outlets spread over many floors. As a result, some outlets produce different levels of water flow and water pressure. Thus some water outlets have oversupply, at high water pressure, whilst conversely, some of the building’s water outlets have very restricted water supply, at minimal water pressure. 

Planning for Water Conservation / Saving & Efficiency

The objective of TBC is to achieve a balance of water supply throughout a complete building. This is achieved by careful planning of the water distribution system and by installing water efficient products throughout the building. This should eliminate the large and troublesome imbalances in the water supply, eve out the water pressure and water flows throughout the building.

Balancing Water Flow & Pressure

Challis cite the example of a hotel where at peak water demand times, some of the hotel bathrooms were running out of water, yet other bathrooms experienced adequate water pressure and water flow.

Water Conservation & Distribution Efficiency

To resolve the problem, water saving showers, taps and bath fill aerators were fitted throughout the hotel. The effect on the water system was to restrict the water flow to all outlets, achieving a balance in water demand and distribution throughout the hotel’s bathrooms. In terms of hotel customer satisfaction, the variability of water supply and the inconvenience this caused was corrected.

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