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  Air Baths or Air Tubs
  Air Baths or Air Tubs
  Air Baths or Air Tubs

Air Baths or Air Tubs

These luxury items are known by several different names such as Air Tub, Champagne Air, Air Bath, Air Masseur or Thermal Air and come in a vast array of sizes, styles and specifications. Air Baths comprise of a base tub fitted with numerous air jets which blow thousands of warmed air bubbles out giving you an adjustable, gentle, or more vigorous massage. In some models of air bath the force and speed of the water jet can be set to alternate producing a wave effect for an excellent lymphatic massage.
Differing from a whirlpool bath these air tubs deliver a much softer sensation leaving you soothed and revived. Years of refining and improving these luxurious systems has resulted in a low maintenance, hygienic and unique experience in your very own bathroom.

Air Baths Eliminate Stress

Practical and chic air baths are designed for comfort and can eliminate stress, aches and pains while caressing the skin with a feathery touch. This technological design is demonstrated by the Jason Ergospacial innovation which is specially moulded for body comfort and has successfully tackled the question of vibration and noise. By positioning the air blower separately from the shell of the bath and incorporating a patented thick, high density foam platform, a shock absorber and insulator is created covering the floor of the bath.

Air Baths and Tubs present multiple choices of size, style and function, so you only need to see what each different manufacturer offers before you decide which make and model is your idea of perfection. MTI offer two individually styled air bath systems, Aria and Aria Elite with variable intensity and speed. The jets on these products named 'illusion jets' are barely visible adding to the aesthetic value of these air baths.  MTI implement several unparalleled measures to ensure pristine and hygienic bathing and a consistently smooth running action.

Air Tubs -  Chromatherapy and Purge & Dry System

Neptune models like most other air baths can usually be combined with a whirlpool system and are also equipped with an automatic drying cycle negating the need for further maintenance. The Neptune range incorporates Mass Air providing at least 72 to 204 air outlets for a truly amazing experience or Active Air in which 37 to 64 micro-jets give a wonderfully therapeutic massage and is designed to be more streamlined and easier to clean.

At the lightest touch of a button Serenity Aquatic Air Bathtubs conjure up thousands of warm seductive bubbles to excite the skin. Amongst the many popular features available with this series are Chromatherapy, [except with free standing tubs], an Antimicrobial Gel Coating and an automated purge and dry cycle with water sensors keeping your air bath pristine.

Air Baths - Sanitaryware, Furniture & Whirlpools for Bathrooms

There are endless possibilities and choices when considering bathroom designs and the features you wish to install in them whether it be sanitary ware, bathroom furniture, whirlpools, air baths, concealed lighting and even music systems. All of these elements combine to create a personal pamper paradise.

Air Baths & Air Tubs Whirlpool Bathtubs, Champagne Air, Air Masseur & Thermal Air. Bathroom Ergospacial Air Bath Systems, Chromatherapy, Purge & Dry System, Illusion Jets & Automatic Drying Cycle, Air Outlets Micro-jets. Antimicrobial Gel Coating Theraputic Massage, Sanitary ware, Bathroom Furniture, Concealed Lighting & Music Systems.


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